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Welcome to my home page. These sites relate to activities being pursued during the spring and summer of 2020 that benefit from access to the Internet.



I have been privileged to be associated with the Pacific Coast Banking School for many years as an instructor in this outstanding three year program. The link takes you to a support site developed for my course "Global Finance" presented during the 2020 Resident Session.

West Texas A&M University

My association with WTAMU began with my undergraduate education and I have enjoyed teaching here since 1978. The link connects to the main web page for the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business.   I serve as the Don Hodges Professor of Corporate Governance and Ethics. It has been a great career with WTAMU and I continue to enjoy teaching as much or more than when I first began.


FMT Financial Management Toolbox

Jimz Penz n Glazz Thingz

This site reflects my current interest in hand-crafted pens and pencils plus a long standing avocation involving stained glass and glass etching. I sell some of my work directly through commission, some of it is sold in a local jewelry store and some of the standardized objects are sold on E-BAY. I have also recently begun building bicycles out of salvaged old bike parts and metal tubing. A recent bike is a tadpole recumbent trike with an electric "pusher" trailer which was fun to build and to learn about small electric motor basics. The motor is a 36 volt brushless hub motor from China which is powered by three 12 volt batteries wired in series. I am currently in the process of installing a "mid-drive" electric motor at the pedals in order to electrify the trike without the pusher trailer. New projects are always fun but I really enjoy making the pens and giving them away or donating them to various charities for their event auctions. I sell just enough of them to afford the hobby and the rest goes to other causes.