The site contains numerous links taking you to other locations both within the site and on the Internet. They are differentiated by distinctive colors (internal links are shown as red and external links are shown as blue). They differ only in the sense that the external links require access to the Internet and assume you have a connection to it running in the background. These external sites contain further information relative to the points being discussed or access to interesting data you can explore as you see fit. I strongly encourage you to explore the blue links since they present material that I could have easily re-typed and presented as my own, but preferred to let the original authors show it to you themselves. It seemed inappropriate for me to re-type the same material in another page both due to plagiarism issues and to simple time constraints. For example, Calculator Tutorial takes you to an excellent source of information on operating a financial calculator. You select the particular model of financial calculator in which you are interested and are provided a brief tutorial on the basics of operating the financial functions contained in that particular machine.

I have tried to include only those external links with a history of stability since many sites are subject to change and sometimes disappear entirely. In that event, you might use a search engine, such as Google, and try a key word search to find the new location.

Please be aware this is the third edition of Financial Management Toolbox so may still contain spelling or even mathematical errors. I apologize in advance, but HTML coding facilities do not provide a "spell check" option and while I have gone over the material numerous times, it is possible errors still exist. After you have looked at a section of material more than 100 times, the errors start to look normal to you!

The initial versions of this project had numerous other features such as pop-up windows, some Flash animation and even a brief sound track of my voice talking about the purpose. It was correctly pointed out by some of my students at West Texas A&M University that while interesting (particularly since they did not think the professor could do some of these things) it was not useful since it could not be printed for later review and took up a lot of space that was only used once. (They also found it annoying that they had to listen to me through a computer when it was grating enough to go to class every week!) Therefore, I went back to a slightly more straightforward version without so many special effects. It does not mean that later versions of Financial Management Toolbox won't get some of those special effects. I could simply not ask the students for their comments and continue blissfully ignorant! Seriously, some of my current students have been kind enough to review portions of this material on a voluntary basis and I appreciate their effort since it did not meet the typical criteria of "is this going to be on the final exam".

If you find errors or you would like to offer suggestions for improvement, suggestions for other external links that you have found useful or just generally want to talk about finance, bicycles, glass etching, woodworking and wood turning, or anything else of mutual interest; please e-mail me at this link: Jim Owens