We all got together in Gulfport, Mississippi at the end of May, 2004. All four of our children and all six grandchildren were in attendance so a great time was had by all. We rented two attached houses with a pool/patio between them so the younger ones were trapped between adults on either side. The houses were a block from the beach so we walked down there and enjoyed salty water as well as the fresh water in the pool. Most of the activity revolved around food and conversation so it was a wonderful weekend. Special thanks to Alisa for making all of the arrangements and to Carolyn for picking up the tab!

All four children drove in from their homes so Kent and Chris came from Atlanta, Melissa and her family from Wichita Falls, TX and Carl drove over from his home in Austin, TX. I picked up Tyler a couple days early and we drove down to Dallas where we met Carolyn for a flight to New Orleans. We spent a day seeing some sights (including getting to see the NASCAR movie at the I-Max theater). We did the aquarium, toured a tall ship from Mexico, enjoyed a buggy ride around the French Quarter and went out to a fancy restaurant so Tyler and Carolyn could indulge their need for seafood! Drove over to Gulfport the next day and went to a great restaurant just outside Biloxi after which we checked into the houses and greeted everyone else as they arrived.

It was a great weekend and we are plotting the next get-together which will have to be in a new location so we get to see new sights and eat different food.


Carl, Chris, Melissa and Kent


Most of the clan (Kim, Kai and Mia not included)


Tyrone, Jadon, Cash and Carl

Kaitlyn and Cash


Kai and Jadon with Kaitlyn in background

Jadon at the "Blow-Fly Diner"


Uncle Carl with Cash and Kaitlyn

Carolyn, Alisa, Kent, Kim and Chris at the fresh shrimp feast


Mia is the newest addition

Carl, Carolyn, Alisa, Kent & Kim